Episode 12 – SIP reefing

Shelter in Place tank updates, impending coral spawn, COVID and the hobby/industry, new products that make us squint, and Rich’s favorite piece of equipment. Sorry for the off-balance sound. We fixed it in the first 7-minutes, but just wanted to get this out as fast as possible – if anyone would like to do the rest, have at it, let us know, and we would be super-grateful! 🙂

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TheRichRoss.com – https://therichross.com/
Neptune Systems – https://www.neptunesystems.com/
Real Reef – https://realreefrock.com/
Piscine Energetics – https://www.mysis.com/
RTN X – https://www.triton-reagents.de/en/treatments/rtn-x
Flatworm Stop – https://www.korallen-zucht.de/…/Problem-…/Flatworm-Stop.html
Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Filter – http://www.marineland.com/…/magnum-polishing-internal-canis…

Skimmate Podcast Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/skimmate

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